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These pages are on the cultivation and taxonomy of plants of the genus Cryptocoryne (Araceae)
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Picture gallery of Cryptocoryne and Lagenandra

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Sorting by alphabet F ~ H
C. ferruginea var. ferruginea C. ferruginea var. sekadauensis C. fusca C. griffithii C. hudoroi
Sorting by alphabet I ~ N
C. ideii C. isae C. jacobsenii C. keei C. lingua C. loeiensis
C. longicauda C. matakensis C. mekongensis C. minima C. moehlmannii C. nevillii
C. noritoi C. nurii var. nurii C. nurii var. raubensis C. nurii 'Platinum' C. nurii 'Pelan'  
Sorting by alphabet P ~ R
C. pallidinervia C. parva C. pontederiifolia C. ×purpurea nothovar. borneoensis C. ×purpurea nothovar. purpurea C. pygmaea
C. regina C. retrospiralis        
Sorting by alphabet S ~ U
C. sahalii C. schulzei C. scurrilis C. sivadasanii C. spiralis var. caudigera C. spiralis var. cognatoides
C. spiralis var. huegelii C. spiralis var. spiralis C. striolata C. thwaitesii C. ×timahensis C. uenoi
C. undulata C. usteriana        
Sorting by alphabet V ~ Z
C. versteegii var. jayaensis C. versteegii var. versteegii C. vietnamensis C. villosa C. walkeri C. waseri
C. wendtii C. ×willisii C. wongsoi C."Yellow Ring" C. yujii var. yujii C. yujii var. hendrikii
C. zaidiana C. zukalii        
cordata-group crispatula-group nurii-group spiralis-group hybrids  
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